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Innovative Creator

of unique thermoset resins, oligomers and epoxy curatives


and 'out-of-the-box' approach to problem-solving


and satisfying solutions for your formulation design requirements.


DMI develops novel reactive chemistries, which solve processing, performance, and related issues for advanced materials. We create new monomers and functional oligomer products for structural technology. DMI has 39 international patents granted, 17 currently pending, and more provisional and new patents in filing. These patents cover a broad range of applications...

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Specialty Products

  • Aliphatic Bismaleimides
  • Polyester Acrylate Methacrylates
  • Functional Urethanes
  • Latent Epoxy Catalysts
  • Phenyl Ester Epoxy Curatives
  • Monofunctional Monomers
  • Cyclosiloxane Epoxy Hybrids
  • Functional Additives
  • Formulated Products


Product Selector Guide

We supply a wide variety of specialty organic monomers and oligomers. Please refer to our Product Selector Guide. If you require a more custom solution, we also offer programs for contract R&D, toll conversion, and licensing. Please contact us to discuss your project in more detail.

Product Selector Guide

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